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Herder Dictionary of Symbols, The

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Pocket guide to the meaning of symbols in religion, archaeology, mythology, art, dreams, fairy tales and literature.

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Contains over 450 illustrations that amplify and add substance to the more than 1,000 entries.


Herder Freiburg gives a detailed analysis of the Eastern-based tortoise creation views in The Herder Dictionary of Symbols:

"The markings on its carapace were interpreted as the patterns of the structure of the cosmos. Sometimes the tortoise itself or its feet are depicted as the supports of the universe, the throne of heaven, the primal waters, or the islands of the immortals. In Mongolian myths a golden tortoise carries the central mountain of the universe. The arched carapace of the tortoise was sometimes regarded as a copy of the heavens, a sort of belly armor, raised above the disk of the earth previously believed to be flat. The tortoise itself was considered to be the mediator between heaven and earth, or a symbol of the entire universe."

Author Freiburg, Herder
Translator Matthews, Boris
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 222 pp.
Publisher Chiron Publications 1994
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