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Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World (2 Volume Set)

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Massey was one of the first Egyptologists in modern times to realize that with the final eclipse of the incredibly old Land of Kam (Egypt), a light had been extinguished in world civilization.

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Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World, published shortly before his death in 1907, is by far Massey's most important work.  "It is a work which has occupied me over thirty years, and I shall be well content if in another century my ideas are acknowledged as correct". 

In Ancient Egypt, Massey concludes that Kamite thought was the direct progenitor of the philosophy, meta physics, religion and science that eventually shaped Western civilization. Complete facsimile edition of the 1907 classic in 2 volumes.


A work of reclamation and restitution in twelve books.

Vol. I; Sign-language and mythology as primitive modes of representation; Totemism, tattoo and fetishism as forms of sign-language; Elemental and ancestral spirits, or the gods and the glorified; Egyptian Book of the Dead and the mysteries of Amenta; The sign-language of astronomical mythology, The Primitive African paradise, Egyptian wisdom, The Drowning of the dragon; The sign-language of astronomical mythology Part II, Horus of the double horizon, The making of Amenta, The Irish Amenta, The mount of glory; Egyptian wisdom and the Hebrew genesis; The Egyptian wisdom in other Jewish writings.

Vol. II; The ark, the deluge, and the world's great year; The exodus from Egypt and the desert of Amenta, The seed of Ysiraal, The title of Pharaoh; Egyptian wisdom in the revelation of John the Divine; The Jesus-Legend traced in Egypt for ten thousand years, Child-Horus, The Jesus-Legend in Rome, The Egypto-Gnostic Jesus, Double Horus, or Jesus and the Christ, The mysteries and miracles, Jesus in the Mount, Sut and Horus as historic characters in the Canonical Gospels, The group in Bethany, The founders of the Kingdom, The Last Supper: the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, The resurrection from Amenta, The sayings of Jesus.


"The gnostic Jesus, the mystery-teacher of heaven, issues from the father in Amenta in the likeness of the dove as the expounder of the greater mysteries to the twelve disciples. He now says to the disciples, “I will tell unto you the mystery of the one and only ineffable, and all its types, all its configurations, all its regulations . . . for this mystery is the support of them all” (B. 2, 226, Mead).

This first ineffable mystery — looking within, as Pistis Sophia phrases it — is the mystery of God the Father. The first ineffable mystery — looking without — is the mystery of God the Son.

It is the mystery of the one God in the two aspects of the Father and Son; hence the mystery of the one and only ineffable, “looking within”, is also the mystery of the one and only word or logos “looking without” (B. 2). Jesus says, “I am come from the first mystery which is also the last” (B. 1, 1).

The power now given by the first mystery, within the veil, to him who personates the mystery to men, looking without, is received by the Son from the Father, from whom he emanated in the likeness of the dove, or the hawk and not as previously in the likeness of a puny mortal, the human Horus — born of the virgin mother as her blind and deaf, her dumb and impubescent child."

Author Massey, Gerald
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 944 pp.
Publisher Black Classic Press 1992
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