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Absence from Felicity

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Helen Schucman, the subject of this book, was the scribe of A Course in Miracles.

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This biography of Helen Schucman focuses on the lifetime conflict between her spiritual nature and her ego, and includes excerpts from her recollections, dreams, letters, and personal messages from Jesus - all never before in print. The book gives a detailed account of Helen's personal experiences of Jesus, her relationship with William Thetford, and her scribing of the Course. The last part contains reminiscences of Helen by Kenneth Wapnick, which draw upon their intimate relationship that spanned the last eight years of her life.

"Helen handed me her two favorite sections - 'For They Have Come' and 'Choose Once Again' - which thus became my introduction to A Course in Miracles. I read eagerly, and could scarcely believe what I was reading. Long a lover of Shakespeare, these extremely poetic sections were to me every bit as beautiful as anything the Bard had written, and yet I remember exclaiming to Helen and Bill that unlike Shakespeare, these words contained a profound spiritual message. I could not envision a more sublime integration of form and content, equaling in my mind the perfection of Beethoven's C-Sharp Minor Quartet.

My memory of the exact sequence of events is hazy, but as I began reading the text from the beginning I quickly recognized the Course as being the most perfect blend of psychology and spirituality that I had ever seen. And I am sure that it did not take me very long to realize that A Course in Miracles was my life's work, Helen and Bill were my spiritual family, and that I was not to become a monk but to remain in New York with them instead."

Author Wapnick Ph.D., Kenneth
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 521 pp.
Publisher Foundation for A Course in Miracles 1991
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