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Commentary on the Mutus Liber, A

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The 15 plates of the Mutus Liber - the Mute Book - are well-known, and this book without words is recognized as a classic of the 17th-century alchemical tradition.

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Although the engravings seem to outline an alchemical process in detail, their message is not immediately obvious and it really requires a commentary to make it intelligible to the present-day reader. Adam McLean's extensive commentary on this series of engravings reveals the Mutus Liber as a synthesis of spiritual, soul, and physical alchemy.

While the entire secret of the physical process is not fully revealed in the plates, enough information is given to piece together details of a modus operandi; indeed, modern French alchemists like Canseliet and Barbault have found great inspiration and hints relating to the physical work in the Mutus Liber.

Author McLean, Adam
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 77 pp.
Publisher Phanes Press 1991
Series Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks
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