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Study in Pyramidology, A

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Study of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, including an analysis of its historical record, its construction details, its interior passages, its symbolism and its relationship to the Bible.

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Most interesting is the section dealing with the 20th century probes into its interior, and its remarkable coffin in the King's Chamber, not to mention the discovery that the Great Pyramid is the source for our modern weights and measures.

Nearly every page is accompanied by a drawing or photograph placed there to enable the reader to better understand the subject.


"As I set about the task of writing a new study of the Great Pyramid of Giza, I am reminded of the words of John Taylor, one of the earliest students of Pyramidology: 'Many must approve, before the thought will enter into the popular mind; and if that result ever takes place, I am only one among many who are entitled to a commendation; nay, there is no room for commendation to any one, for all do but impart what has been given.'

I am only one in a long line of students who have expounded on the Great Pyramid. My original work on the subject, The Great Pyramid Decoded (first published in 1971) was only intended to be an introduction to the subject. It was to draw attention to other more comprehensive works. (Ex. The Great Pyramid - Its Divine Message by David Davidson and H. Aldersmith; Great Pyramid Passages by John and Morton Edgar; Pyramidology in four volumes, by Dr. Adam Rutherford.) All these writers have passed away and their works are out of print. Modern day writers on the Great Pyramid have brought out some excellent books, but they all fail to present the most important feature of the Great Pyramid - God's plan for humanity architecturally embodied in its construction.

It was the desire to fill this void that motivated me to produce a second book on the Great Pyramid, expanding my earlier work with additional details and illustrations, without weighing it down with complex and technical information available from past research. And, most important, to present the spiritual aspects and current theories concerning prophecy revealed in the design of the Pyramid, as an unbaised observer. I will let the reader choose what position he or she will take."

Author Capt, E. Raymond
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 263 pp.
Publisher Artisan Publishers 2002
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