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Asteroid Goddesses

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Several asteroids orbit between Mars and Jupiter, but the first four discovered are the largest and primary influences: Pallas Athene, Vesta, Juno, and Ceres.

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The creating, supporting, nurturing aspect held by the goddess Ceres, the universal mother, brings us to how we feel nurtured and how we function with our roles of mother-child. She embodies the principle of unconditional love. Pallas Athena is our Warrior Goddess, a woman in a man's world, carrying the principle of creative intelligence. Vesta, our goddess of Focus and Commitment, is our High Priestess. Juno, the Queen of Heaven and Divine Consort, is our capacity for meaningful relationships. Understanding the themes that each goddess holds enriches our understanding of that function and expression in our lives.

"In her seminal work, Asteroid Goddesses, Demetra George digs deep into prehistory in her search for their meaning, examining the four deities in terms of their role in Greek and Roman stories, and then tracing those myths back to a time before the Hellenistic period, when each goddess had a different face, and in every case, considerably more power."      ~The Mountain Astrologer, Spring 1998

Author George, Demetra
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 383 pp.
Publisher ACS Publications 1994
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