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Your Starway to Love (O)

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Your Starway To Love contains a do-it-yourself worksheet to help the reader calculate their Love Line score (overall compatibility with a partner).

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Here is everything you need to analyze your relationships astrologically—a do-it-yourself worksheet designed for anyone, including those with no astrological knowledge. Instant interpretations describe how a couple handles self-esteem, communication, love, assertion, sex and family issues.


"Always a skeptic of so-called cookbook astrology, I tried the diverse interpretations using six couples, including my husband and myself... must admit the results were astonishingly good; this book is a winner!"    ~Marion March, Only Way to Learn...

"Your Starway to Love: Easy Compatibility Analysis contains complete planetary look-up tables for a century, ascendant tables, and a comprehensive text comparing Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Ascendant, and Mercury positions for any combination. Each two-way comparison has a descriptive title which is often quite revealing. Readers can learn how he or she can make the most of their present relationship. They will discover how well a potential partner will or will not meet their needs. Pinpoint whether their strong points with a partner lie in communication, affection, sexual attraction, emotional support, or self-esteem. Gain insight into their partner so they will know the way to his or her heart. Understand why sometimes their partner just 'doesn't get it' in terms of relationship needs.

Tips within Your Starway to Love help to build on the strengths they have with a partner and minimize the challenges. Written with sensitivity, insight, compassion, and humor, Your Starway to Love gives all that the readers will need to know to fully understand (and improve) a romantic relationship!"    ~Midwest Book Review


Maritha Pottenger has been a professional astrologer for over twenty years and has lectured across the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Mexico, Russia, New Zealand, and at many major astrological conferences. Maritha is the author of eight books on various astrological topics, as well as numerous booklets, Personalized Astrology Lessons, and computerized astrological reports.

Author Pottenger, Maritha
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 594 pp.
Publisher ACS Publications 1994
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