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Planets on the Move

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When you change your location, you change your horoscope and the focus of your life!

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Relocation astrology is a valuable tool for understanding the changes you will experience as you move from place to place, and Planets on the Move has everything you need to know on relocation astrology - from basic to advanced material. With complete descriptions of all the planetary aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven of your birth chart as it is relocated to a new location, you will learn which themes and issues will be in high focus, and whether the aspects are harmonious or challenging.

Before you accept that new job, buy a new home or plan your "dream" vacation, learn how you can attract the life you want by choosing the right location.


"This book includes everything you hoped to know about relocation charts and a whole lot more."    ~Joan Negus

Author Pottenger, Maritha
Coauthor Dobyns, Zipporah
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 291 pp.
Publisher ACS Publications 1995
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