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Book of Pluto, The

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Steven Forrest tackles this planet of intensity with his wit, wisdom and compassion. He interprets Pluto through the house, sign and aspect (both in natal charts and current positions) with great sensitivity, incredible honesty and his wonderfully literate style.

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Steven covers people's "navigational errors" and wounding scenarios with Pluto. He discusses both darkness and shadow as well as inspiration and saving grace. Case examples (including Joan of Arc and Eric Clapton) round out this comprehensive survey of Pluto. Written for the general audience, this easily understood book also offers a rich tapestry of insights for the professional.


"We will wrestle with unanswerable questions. We will play chess with the Father of Lies. And having beheld hell, we will see the road to heaven."

Author Forrest, Steven
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 365 pp.
Publisher ACS Publications 1994
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