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How To Be A Great Astrologer (O)

Product no.: 0-935895-02-7
A "cookbook" type of aspect delineation that leans towards a Hindu-style of fatality, wherein the growth factor is ignored and the person is condemned to a particular behavior. Nicely illustrated with prints of Gustav Dore's angelic hierarchy.

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Introduction; Poem by Babaji, a Himalayan saint; How astrology works; The moon's nodes; The moon's nodes in the signs and houses; Planetary aspects; Aspects to the Sun; Aspects to the Moon; Aspects to Mercury; Aspects to Venus; Aspects to Mars; Aspects to Jupiter; Aspects to Saturn; Aspects to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; Services of James Braha; Reading List.

Author Braha, James
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 255 pp.
Publisher Hermetician Press 1992
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