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How To Predict Your Future (O)

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Detailed descriptions of the transits of Jupiter, Saturn and the outer planets, by houses and aspect. Braha also shows how to predict major events and to understand the overall direction of one's life through Hindu dasas.

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Part 1: Predicting your future with western transits: How to use this book; Three misunderstood houses; Transits and dasas; Jupiter transits through the houses; Saturn transits through the houses; Uranus transits through the houses; Neptune transits through the houses; Pluto transits through the houses; Jupiter transits; Saturn transits; Uranus transits; Neptune transits; Pluto transits.

Part 2: Predicting your future with Hindu dasas: The purpose of part 2; Dasas and bhuktis; The two zodiacs; The chakra - the birthchart; Dasa - bhukti fundamentals; Rulerships; Benefics or malefics by virtue of house rulerships; Planetary aspects; Exaltations and falls; Gemstones, mantras & yagyas; Example horoscopes: Jodie Foster, Marlon Brando, Al Gore, John Denver; A lifetime of dasas; Special Hindu astrology considerations; Appendix; Reading list.


Published in '95, Braha predicted real trouble for the late John Denver: "There are two dasa-bhuktis which are precarious at best, dangerous at worst. Denver's health and general well-being will be at risk, with a possibility of accidents or bodily harm."

Author Braha, James
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 356 pp.
Publisher Hermetician Press 1995
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