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Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth, The

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This masterful translation by Hua-Ching Ni is popular throughout the world. The book is actually three volumes in one.

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Publisher's Synopsis
The Natural Truth section introduces the forces and cycles that govern the universe and that influence all life. It includes the yin/yang theory, the five phases of energy, the heavenly and earthly cycles, the natural calendar, and the constellations. The Natural Path contains two treatises by Confucius on how to effectively live in harmony with these cycles. The sixty-four hexagrams insightfully comment upon specific events and situations to which this vast body of knowledge can be applied.

The Book Of Changes, commonly known as the I Ching, is an ancient Chinese guide to aligning man with the laws of nature in order to achieve harmony and union with the world and its spiritual energies. Many books translate and/or explore the I Ching as a tool for divination and prophecy, but this one takes a more scholarly, all-inclusive approach. Hua Ching Ni, a respected teacher and lecturer in the fields of acupuncture and meditation, spends the first half of the book exploring the historical background and underlying principles of the I Ching in depth.

The second half translates the text itself, paying special attention to deciphering the system of hexagrams used in divination. Altogether it's an impressive tome, profusely illustrated with drawings, calligraphy, and diagrams. By examining the I Ching as both an accumulation of ancient wisdom and a guide to transcending the stress of modern living, The Book Of Changes and the Unchanging Truth finds an abundance of universal truths to benefit everyone.

"People who know they are sick also know how they feel when they are well. Similarly, by observing the simple principles of behavior expressed by ancient, uncorrupted people, we can rediscover the value of naturalness and health. For this reason, I felt the time was right for this contemporary translation of the Book of Changes. It is aimed at reducing the dualistic thinking of 'good fortune' and 'misfortune' which pervades daily life. Instead, it leads toward spiritual absoluteness and independence.

Sometimes my readers may be puzzled at the logic I present, namely that 'one plus one equals one plus one' rather than the usual 'one plus one equals two'. This is important spiritual logic, because things of nature exist simply by and for themselves. This logic is validated by natural existence and needs no recognition from the general mind. Conceptual reality is the playground of the mind and can be a far cry from the reality of natural existence. Because it cannot pierce its own shell, the human mind cannot see the natural truth that surrounds it."

Author Ni, Hua Ching
Coauthor Confucius
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 671 pp.
Publisher College of Tao 1990
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