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Cutting Through Appearances

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Presents the authentic daily practice of Tibetan monks and yogis plus the paths and hindrances to freedom, consciousness and the two truths.

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First is a meditation manual written by the Fourth Panchen Lama (1781–1852), based on Tsongkhapa's Three Principal Aspects of the Path, which covers the daily practice of Tibetan monks and yogis. It details how to properly conduct a meditation session that contains the entire scope of the Buddhist path. Next is the Presentation of Tenets, written by Gon-chok-jik-may-wang-bo. It covers Indian Buddhist schools, as viewed in Tibet, and provides a solid introduction to the Buddhist theory animating the practice.

"Make the supplication with strong force and imagine the purification of all sentient beings through the falling ambrosia. [The generation of the aspiration to enlightenment in general is the development of the thought:] 'I must attain, regardless of anything, the precious state of a completely perfect Buddha, quickly, quickly for the sake of all sentient beings, my mothers.'

The generation of the attitude of altruistic enlightenment in particular [in this book is the development of the thought]: 'For the sake of attaining Buddhahood I will begin meditation on the instructions of the three principal aspects of the path.' Mentally promise firm adherence to this, and also say it many times."

Author Sopa, Geshe Lhundup
Translator Hopkins, Jeffrey
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 376 pp.
Publisher Snow Lion Publications 1989
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