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Faith to Doubt, The

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Set in a monastery in South Korea, the book traces the author's training in Zen and follows his reflections on the challenge Buddhism brings to the West.

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Publisher's Synopsis
Personal anecdotes from the esteemed translator of A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life.


"This is a spiritual autobiography and meditative journal of the author's three-year stay in a Korean Zen monastery. What makes the account even more interesting is that this Englishman had previously had eight years of training in Tibetan Buddhism and was an ordained monk who then came, as a result of a retreat in the Burmese meditation tradition, to doubt the Tibetan claims.

Batchelor's experiences of mindfulness and of mystical illumination become the basis for doubt, for questioning, and for reflection on Buddhist text and traditional teachings, as well as on technique, on cultural forms, and on self. While a personal account, this book also contains real scholarship: those studying Buddhism academically as well as personally will find it of interest."      ~Library Journal

Author Batchelor, Stephen
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 138 pp.
Publisher Parallax Press 1990
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