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Universe is a Green Dragon, The

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Brian Swimme's explication of the fundamental powers of the cosmos is mystical and ecstatic.

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Communicating his ideas in the form of a classical dialogue between a youth and a wise elder, cosmologist Brian Swimme crafts a fascinating exploration into the creativity suffusing the universe.

"The new scientific story of the universe's origin in the Big Bang has been told in popular terms before, but never like this. [It succeeds] in evoking a sense of wonder about the story's music, its poetry, its meaning in everyday life."     ~S. F. Chronicle

"I call the universe a green dragon because I want to avoid lulling you into thinking we can have the universe in our grasp, like a stray dog shut up in its kennel. I want to remind us of this proper relationship as we approach the Whole of Things.

On the other hand - and here is a second reason for the green dragon - we have learned things in our scientific explorations that completely transform our understanding of the universe. Our revolution in thinking dwarfs Copernicus's announcement that the Earth travels around the Sun. It is outrageous to compare the universe to a green dragon, I know, but I hope this will express some of my astonishment at what we now know about the universe.

The inadequacy of the dragon image is that green dragons are much too commonplace to indicate the radical nature of what we have learned. That's how limited our language is."     ~Chapter 1

Author Swimme, Brian
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 176 pp.
Publisher Bear & Company Publishing 1984
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