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Medicine Cards (Boxed Set: Deck & Book)

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Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals is a boxed set including a book and 52 beautifully-rendered animal cards.

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Medicine Cards were conceived in a vision and the power contained within the cards is real and pragmatic. In a card reading, the cards are placed on a medicine wheel, a sacred template of traversing life's mysteries. When an animal appears in certain directions a subtle communication unfolds.

In times past, the human family was in much closer contact with animals and understood their messages. We still can if we open our hearts and listen. This shift of consciousness brings the possibility of change into our lives, the potential for transformation. The readings resulting from the various configurations of the cards as described in the accompanying book have strong and powerful effects.

Over one million copies of Medicine Cards have sold nationally and internationally to date. They have been translated into Russian, Japanese, Greek and Spanish to name only a few.

Included in the boxed set:

  • 242-page hardcover book/guide 
  • 52 Animal cards 
  • 9 Blank cards


"...a potent yet refreshingly simple divination tool that can help us reconnect to the sources of life's natural guidance. This work is plentiful, overflowing with the richness of the Native American way of life."    ~Yoga Journal


Jamie Sams is of Iroquois and Cherokee descent. She is a medicine teacher and author of numerous books, including Sacred Path Cards (HarperSanFrancisco, 1990.) David Carson is of Choctaw descent. They both live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Type Western Ritual
Artist Sams, Jamie
Coartist Carson, David
Distributor Bear & Co. 1992
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