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Stages of Consciousness

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In Stages of Consciousness, Georg Kuhlewind shows how all that we call thinking is the habitual association of finished, dead thoughts.

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He describes how these thoughts were once alive and how every new moment of understanding is a breath from the realm of the living present. He goes on to propose that we school ourselves in that stage of consciousness we occasionally glimpse as intuition and gives concrete exercises for achieving this.

Beginning with the intuition of the true self in the living act of thinking - "the fundamental experience of the spirit" - he elaborates a series of practical exercises in concentration and contemplation.

"To overcome the world means to behold the world as it was before it became dead in us; to behold it in its aliveness, as heaven. To overcome the world means to behold the earth in the heavens and to bring the heavens to earth..."

Author Kuhlewind, Georg
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 144 pp.
Publisher Lindisfarne Press 1984
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