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Rose of the World, The

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A cosmological treatise in the spirit of Rudolf Steiner, yet belonging to Russian religious thought in the tradition of Vladimir Solovyov.

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Completed in 1959 after being hidden from the Soviet secret police for twenty years, this spiritual masterpiece was first made public in 1989 through excerpts in the magazine Novy Mir. When it was finally published in its entirety in 1991, the first printing of 100,000 copies sold out immediately, and a modern Russian classic was born.

Daniel Andreev was the son of famous Russian writer and playwright Leonid Andreyev. The author, himself a poet, novelist and artist, was imprisoned in 1947 by Stalin for "anti-Soviet" activities. While in prison he wrote the first draft for The Rose of the World.

Here is a visionary work in the tradition of Blake and Dante. It is part fiction, part historical essay and part mystical vision. It describes in fascinating detail Andreev's philosophical system, with its complex, multiple-layered cosmos, and calls for a spiritual reunification of all peoples of the world.

This is the first English publication of this modern Russian classic. It constitutes a significant event in publishing that should not be missed.


"Though Daniel Andreev's works began to be published only in 1989, thirty years after his death, his legacy is already a major factor in Russian intellectual life. His many admirers regard his treatise The Rose of the World (1950-1958) as one of the highest peaks of twentieth century Russian spirituality."        ~Mikhail Epstein

"The epic scope of Homer, the visionary gift of Dante, the religious heroism of Milton, the universality of Goethe indissolubly merged in the creativity of D. Andreev."         ~Nezavisimaia gazeta


"The life of the Universe is the continuing struggle of the Powers of Light with the Powers of Evil and Darkness, who are allied with the being who was once the First Angel and rebelled against God and is now building his dark Universe. Evil is a phenomenon that has no roots in the Creator and is doomed. This is the cardinal difference between Andreev’s concept and Manichaeism. This struggle between light and dark is now the very essence of life. Consciously or unconsciously, in all our deeds, thought, and actions, we all participate in this opposition of Good and Evil."

Author Andreev, Daniel
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 384 pp.
Publisher Lindisfarne Books 1997
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