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Back To Eden (Revised)

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To all those seeking improved health through natural means, this new edition is dedicated.

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My sincere hope is that this revised and expanded Back to Eden will prove to be of even greater benefit than was the original written over 50 years ago.

Now in its expanded, updated revised edition with a new index to make the book easier to use, this is the original classic text (with more than 4 million copies sold) that helped create the natural foods industry. It remains today one of the major texts on herbs, natural diet and lifestyle and wholistic health.

This is the authorized Kloss family edition with the family archival photographs and reminiscences included.

"In 1935, Kloss published the first edition of what was to become his magnum opus, Back to Eden. A revised and greatly expanded edition was published in 1939. This edition became extremely popular in the late 1960s and by 1986 had sold almost 3 million copies. Here he set forth his method of natural self healing based on herbs, a diet that used no meat, dairy products, or eggs, and a life in harmony with the laws of health and nature. He opposed the use of sugar, spices, pepper, mustard, vinegar, and fermented foods. He recommended the use of soymilk in numerous healing diets and considered it far better than cow's milk. Kloss' main contribution to soyfoods was the more than 50 creative American-style soyfoods recipes he developed in Back to Eden."        ~William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi

"God has provided a remedy for every disease that might afflict us. Satan cannot afflict anyone with any disease for which God has not provided a remedy. Our Creator foresaw the wretched condition of mankind in these days, and made provision in Nature for all the ills of man."


Born on 27 April 1863 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, the ninth of eleven children, Jethro Kloss was a devout Seventh-day Adventist. He was deeply influenced by the books and teachings on diet and health of Ellen G. White. As a young man he took courses in hydrotherapy and electrotherapy at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

He knew Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, talked of him often, and had deep respect for his views on healthful living. As a young man he learned to study and follow the laws of nature, of life, and of health. This later became the essence of his teachings. Many of those who knew him considered his ideas on healing a bit odd or even fanatic, for he believed that virtually every ailment could be cured with herbs.

Yet like so many of his fellow Adventists, his prime concern in life was helping others, and especially helping them to get well and to live better.

Author Kloss, Jethro
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 883 pp.
Publisher Back to Eden Publishing 1992
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