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Angel Tech

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A comprehensive compendium of insights and techniques for the direct application of Dr. Timothy Leary's Eight-Circuit Brain model for Intelligence Increase.

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What Dr. Leary posited as theory (Exo-Psychology) and Dr. Robert Anton Wilson brilliantly demonstrated in sociopolitical, mathematical and intellectual proofs (Prometheus Rising), Antero Alli has extended into tangible tasks, exercises, rituals and meditations towards an embodied realization of brain change through first hand experience.

Angel Tech challenges the reader to redefine "Intelligence" according to their own direct experiences and finally, dares us to live accordingly.

"A witty, rollicking, wise rendition of the stages of evolution we have been experiencing. Antero Alli is that special brand of human - a frontier scout for the species, out there on the rim where the past and future intersect."      ~Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

Author Alli, Antero
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 251 pp.
Publisher New Falcon Publications 1991
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