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Christ Consciousness, The

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Within each one of us exists the consciousness that can change this world, and ourselves, in a positive way.

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At the age of seventeen, Norman Paulsen's search for God led him to join the monastery of Paramahansa Yogananada, where he received instruction in an ancient technique of meditation and began to become conscious of the presence of Divine Spirit.

As related in his autobiography, The Christ Consciousness, his continued efforts produced a face to face meeting with that Being of Light which calls Itself I Am That I Am, Christ. Mr. Paulsen was directed to teach others what he has learned, and he is still doing so today.


"The Christ Consciousness will reveal the true spiritual interpretation of our past worlds. It will also give, to those who search, spiritual confidence - what the Good Book should have revealed in the beginning."     ~White Bear, Book of the Hopi


"Mother Earth is operated by two master forces of vortex, one descending through the Earth's core at the North Pole, and one ascending through and around the surface at the South Pole. The movement of astral and physical energies from the South Pale to North Pole swings the needle of the compass perpetually toward the magnetic North Pole. Mother Earth, with her forces of nature, spins on divine time amidst the forces of vortex, her original creators. Dead worlds, such as our moon, cease to spin, as the forces of vortex are removed.

The physical body of man is similar to Mother Earth. Both are created and operated by the actions of vortex, masculine and feminine, the right and left hands of God. The crown of our head at birth, and for months thereafter, is soft and throbbing with each heartbeat. It is here that we find the long lost door to Divine Spirit and the gateway to the kingdom of heaven, at the magnetic north pole of man. It is also through this door on the crown of the head, that the divine masculine creative force enters into the tree of life, our spinal column. It moves downward in a counterclockwise vortex. The magnetic south pole of man is the lower end of the spine. Here the divine feminine force enters, moving upward in a clockwise vortex. It is from the movements of these sacred dual forces of life and consciousness that Divine Spirit spun and wove the creation and all the images contained therein into visible form. The motion of these sacred forces of vortex, and the understanding thereof, provides the key to the hidden door, which opens into the timeless existence of Divine Spirit, Mother-Father God, I Am That I am."

Author Paulsen, Norman
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 528 pp.
Publisher The Builders Publishing Company 1994
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