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Heart Sutra: Ancient Buddhist Wisdom in the Light of Quantum Reality

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The Heart Sutra, an ancient scripture from the Mahayana wisdom schools of Buddhism, is an insight into the nature of ultimate reality through intuitive wisdom.

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Now that quantum physics has found some very interesting parallels to the basic insights of the Heart Sutra, perhaps the intellectual and the intuitive can meet in the new paradigm.


"The Heart Sutra is dedicated to the teaching of sunyata, translated as the 'void' or 'emptiness,' but sunyata is not easily translated into English. The author attempts to describe how the scientist's notion of the building blocks of matter and all life being solid indestructible particles has evolved to the realization by subatomic physicists that there are no objects, only ever-changing processes, 'a continuous dance of energy.'

Sunim shows a parallel between this observation and the experience of one in meditation who in his silence comes to see that all that exist in the world are but brief moments of consciousness. He says, 'no form exists without being infused by this universal energy; form and energy interpenetrate each other endlessly in an ever-changing dance of the molecules, creating our universe.'

Sunim concludes with the thought that if we can wisely learn from the Mahayana mystics and the findings of quantum theory, we can help the world evolve toward connectedness and our own acceptance of personal responsibility."      ~Sunrise magazine

Author Soeng, Mu
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 70 pp.
Publisher Primary Point Press 1991
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