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Rudhyar’s expansive vision finds its ideal complement in Leyla Rael’s straightforward approach and clear applications.

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Together they have outlined a cyclic dynamic view of aspects which goes far beyond the static, cookbook tabulations so prevalent today.

Included in this holistic textbook are chapters on retrogradation, rectangular and triangular aspect patterns, seeing the horoscope as a whole, Yods, an explanation of three types of every planetary aspect, examined step by step in depth. Included are numerous examples and practical applications. Astrological Aspects is truly a key to holistic Astrological understanding to read for enjoyment, study for lasting insight and keep for future reference.


"I have always taken the approach that no aspect between two celestial bodies moving at different speed - as they all do - could be truly understood unless it was considered a particular phase of the cyclic process established by successive conjunctions of the two bodies.

If we understand the archetypal pattern of the cycle, that is, of any cycle of relationship between two interacting entities, we have an instrument of universal validity that can be applied at any level of existence and consciousness."    ~Rudhyar


Dane Rudhyar was born Daniel Chennevière, of Celtic and Norman ancestry, on 23 March 1895 in Paris, France. His birth name was given up in 1917, a few months after reaching New York. He had a sister, lost his father in 1911 and his mother in 1954. At age sixteen, Rudhyar first realized two things which conditioned his entire life and work: (1) Time is cyclic, and cyclicity governs civilizations as well as all aspects of existence; (2) Western civilization is coming to what could be symbolically called the autumn phase of its cycle of existence.

Author Rudhyar, Dane
Coauthor Rael, Leyla
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 244 pp.
Publisher Aurora Press 1980
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