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Lunation Cycle, The

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The Lunation Cycle is a unique technical breakthrough revealing the significance of the cyclic relationship of the Sun and Moon as phases of a larger process.

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Rudhyar formulates and describes here for the fist time, the eight Soli Lunar types of personalities and the importance of the "New Moon before birth" and the "Progressed New Moon charts."

This groundbreaking book includes:

  • The Sun and Moon as a Dynamic Pattern of Relationship
  • The Part of Fortune as an Index of Personality and Happiness
  • The Part of Fortune in the Houses and Zodiacal Signs
  • The Part of Spirit
  • The Planets in Relationship to the Lunation Cycle

"Undoubtedly, Rudhyar’s most practical contribution to astrology is his innovative technique, the progressed lunation cycle, detailed in his very readable book The Lunation Cycle. Utilizing this technique with hundreds of my clients, has led to insights offered by no other perspective. One cannot claim to have truly studied astrology without reading this book."    ~The Mountain Astrologer


Dane Rudhyar was born Daniel Chennevière, of Celtic and Norman ancestry, on 23 March 1895 in Paris, France. His birth name was given up in 1917, a few months after reaching New York. He had a sister, lost his father in 1911 and his mother in 1954. At age sixteen, Rudhyar first realized two things which conditioned his entire life and work: (1) Time is cyclic, and cyclicity governs civilizations as well as all aspects of existence; (2) Western civilization is coming to what could be symbolically called the autumn phase of its cycle of existence.

Author Rudhyar, Dane
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 196 pp.
Publisher Aurora Press 1993
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