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The first serious attempt by a serious humanistic practitioner to grapple with the philosophical and astrological challenges provided by Horary Astrology. His discussions of Phrasing the Question and Locating the Question are among the best available.

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Initially published in 1943, revised and updated in 1971, this is the first major work on the divinatory aspect of astrology in 300 years. Dr. Jones demonstrates how Horary astrology can be used to provide psychological insights, and a key to new growth and understanding.

Topics include: Charting the Pertinent Moment; Phrasing the Question; Locating the Question; The Yes and No Technique; The Judgment Chart; Multiple Questions; Inaugural Horoscopes; Planetary Dynamics, and much more. Index.


From 1939, Marc began traveling extensively throughout the United States, speaking on astrology. He wrote thousands of lectures for the Sabian Assembly, published many articles and books, took an active role in the astrologers associations.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, 91, left this plane of existence on March 8, 1980, the group and the work his legacy and with this thought: "My personal contribution, of course, is a once-and-for-all matter to serve as groundbreaking or foundational work on which others can build their own characteristic way in their orientation to a world that continues to change as a necessity of its existence."

Author Jones, Dr. Marc Edmund
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 464 pp.
Publisher Aurora Press 1993
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