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Survey of Buddhism, A

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A Survey of Buddhism continues to provide an indispensable study of the entire field of Buddhist thought and practice.

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Covering all major doctrines and traditions, both in relation to Buddhism as a whole and to the spiritual life of the individual Buddhist, Sangharakshita places their development in historical and cultural context.

This is an objective but sympathetic appraisal of Buddhism's many forms, that clearly demonstrates the underlying unity of all its schools. The survey is remarkable for its sophistication and subtlety, its fidelity to the experience of Buddhism, and its balance in treating the various schools and traditions.


"It would be difficult to find a single book in which the history and development of Buddhist thought has been described as vividly and clearly as in this survey... there can be no better guide than this book."     ~Lama Anagarika Govinda


Sangharakshita (Dennis Lingwood) spent twenty-five years in India studying with teachers from each of the three major Buddhist traditions during which time he founded a nonsectarian Buddhist center. He was closely involved in India's Dharma Revolution of the fifties. This peaceful revolution, begun by Dr. Ambedkar, consisted of hundreds of thousands of former Untouchable Hindus embracing Buddhism.

On returning to England in the sixties, Sangharakshita founded the FWBO (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) and the WBO. His aim was to help Buddhism take firm root in the West in a form unburdened by the cultural accretions of any particular nationality or tradition. It is a translation of the universal principles of Buddhism for modern, secularized societies.

Author Sangharakshita
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 576 pp.
Publisher Tharpa Publications 1987
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