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New Meditation Handbook, The

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The New Meditation Handbook guides us through a sequence of 21 meditations, known as Lamrim, that lead to an experience of true inner peace.

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These meditations enrich our lives by helping us to develop special qualities such as mental clarity, kindness, patience, and insight. They empower us to deal positively with any situation we meet, gradually becoming a source of inspiration and joy for others.  


"An insightful volume with parables that clear the mind and assist one in expanding consciousness and understanding."     ~Midwest Book Review

"Each of the twenty-one meditation practices has five parts: preparation, contemplation, meditation, dedication, and subsequent practice. The instructions that explain these twenty-one meditation practices are called the stages of the path, or Lamrim. The realizations of these meditations are the actual spiritual paths that lead us to the great liberation of full enlightenment.

The first part, the preparatory practices, prepare us for successful meditation by purifying hindrances caused by our previous negative actions, by accumulating merit (or good fortune), and by enabling us to receive the blessings of enlightened beings. The preparatory practices are very important if we wish to gain deep experience of these meditations. For this purpose, we can begin our meditation with Prayers for Meditation, which can be found in Appendix I."

Author Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 215 pp.
Publisher Tharpa Publications 2003
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