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Christian Astrology (Deluxe Edition)

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The 1647 publication of Lilly's masterwork was an extremely fortuitous event, incorporating all the Greco-Roman astrological wealth of knowledge preceding that era. An important historical text for all serious students of astrology, especially horary.

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Brown Leather-bound hardcover, gilt stamping to spine, page top edge gilt, color frontis of Lilly, attached red silk page marker; complete facsimile edition of William Lilly's classic 1647 work; contains all three books originally included in Christian Astrology along with an Afterword, Biographical Appendix and Essay entitled A Modern Astrological Perspective by Geoffrey Cornelius. Special Order. One left in stock.


Of the planet Jupiter, and his Signification

Names: Anciently called Zeus or Phaeton.

Nature: Masculine, diurnal, hot and moist, airy, sanguine; the Greater Fortune, author of temperance, modesty, sobriety, justice.

People Signified: Judges, senators, councillors, ecclesiastical men, bishops, priests, ministers, cardinals, chancellors, doctors of the civil law, young scholars and students in a university or college, lawyers, clothiers, woollen-drapers.

Angel: Zadkiel

Day of the Week: Thursday. Jupiter rules the first hour after sun rise, and the eighth.

Physical descriptions offered: Signifies an upright, straight and tall stature; brown, ruddy and lovely complexion; of an oval or long visage, and it full or fleshy; high forehead; large grey eyes; his hair soft, and a kind of auburn brown; much beard; a large, deep belly: strong proportioned thighs and legs; his feet long, being the most indecent parts of his whole body; in his speech he is sober, and of grave discourse. When Jupiter is oriental, the skin is more clear, the complexion honey-colour, or betwixt a white and red, sanguine, ruddy colour; great eyes, the body more fleshy, usually some mole or scar in the right foot. When Jupiter is occidental, the complexion is more pure and lovely, the stature more short, the hair a light brown, or near a dark flaxen; smooth, bald about the temple or forehead.

Manners when well dignified: Magnanimous, faithful, bashful, aspiring in an honourable way at high matters, in all actions a lover of fair dealing, desiring to benefit all men, doing glorious things, honourable and religious, of sweet and affable conversation, wonderfully indulgent to his wife and children, reverencing aged men, a great reliever of the poor, full of charity and godliness, liberal, hating all sordid actions, just, wise, prudent, thankful, virtuous: so that when you find Jupiter the significator of any man in a question, or lord of his Ascendant in a nativity, and well dignified, you may judge him qualified as above said.

Manners when badly placed: When Jupiter is unfortunate, then he wastes his patrimony, suffers every one to cozen him, is hypocritically religious, tenacious, and stiff in maintaining false tenets in religion; he is ignorant, careless, nothing delightful in the love of his friends; of a gross, dull capacity, schismatical, abasing himself in all companies, crouching and stooping where no necessity is.

Author Lilly, William
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 871 pp.
Publisher Regulus Publishing Co. 1985
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