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Directional Astrology (1921)

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Walter Gorn Old (Sepharial) was a key figure in the development of modern and predictive astrology. He worked closely with Alan Leo from 1888 and introduced him to Theosophy, which ultimately gave birth to the Astrological Lodge in London.

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Publisher's Synopsis

A discussion of problematic points and a complete set of tables necessary for the calculation of arcs of direction. This is essentially a book for the astrological student.

The general scope of the work embraces all that is essential to the art of "directing" as practiced by Claudius Ptolemy and Titus de Placidus, and more recently by John Gladbury, Commander Morrison and A.J. Pearce, all of whom pursued the same general principles of astronomical directing and differed considerably in their application of the celestial arcs to the measure of time. These points are reviewed and critically examined within these pages.

Author Sepharial
Book Type Hardcover
Page Count 119 pp.
Publisher Regulus Publishing Co. 1986
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