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For the first time, Scofield reveals the myth and meaning behind Aztec and Maya astrology.

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Here you will find a new typology of personality based on the twenty Mesoamerican day-signs which capture the range and complexity of human emotion and behavior.


The 260 day calendar; Ancient calendars and the conquest of time; The restoration of the astrological calendar; Using day-sign astrology; Delineations of the day-signs (Alligator, wind, house, lizard, serpent, death, deer, rabbit, water, dog, monkey, grass, reed, ocelot, eagle, vulture, earthquake, knife, rain, flower); The 13-day periods; Ephemeris of the day-signs, 1900-2000 inclusive; Order of the day-signs.

Author Scofield, Bruce
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 220 pp.
Publisher One Reed Publications 1991
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