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Ayahuasca Visions (O)

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The mythologies and cosmology of Amazonian shamanism materialize in fantastic color and style in this unique, large-format volume.

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Anthropologist Luis Eduardo Luna provides an introduction to the Peruvian Amazon and its ethnobotanical tradition, the use of ayahuasca in a shamanistic context, and background on his long relationship with Pablo Amaringo. Throughout the text he supplements Amaringo's descriptions of the supernatural with plant identifications, cross-cultural comparisons, information about plant shamanism in Amazonia, and analyses of the symbols and iconography in Pablo's art.

Years ago, Peruvian Pablo Amaringo took the shaman's path. In this book he paints the intricate, detailed visions he experienced under the influence of ayahuasca. In his paintings one meets the living spirits of beneficial as well as harmful plants, the visitors from distant galaxies, and the ancient and wise guardians of esoteric knowledge.

"Publication of these outstanding paintings of ayahuasca visions experienced by a native medicine man, Pablo Amaringo, permits us to understand the unworldly psychic effects of the vine of the soul."       ~Prof. Richard Schultes, Director, Botanical Museum

"This is a fascinating and authoritative work about a South American native shaman and his conceptual world. The author, who is a reputed expert both on the psychotropic plants that provoke shamanic ecstatic experiences and on the nature of these experiences - he has himself taken part in many of them - has for years lived with these shamans and knows them thoroughly. As a specialist in comparative religion as well, he gives us excellent insights into Indian and Mestizo religious belief systems."     ~Ake Hultkrantz, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion, Stockholm University

Author Luna, Luis Eduardo
Illustrator Amaringo, Pablo
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 160 pp.
Publisher North Atlantic Books 1999
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