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Cloud Upon the Sanctuary, The

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A.E. Waite recommended this to the young Aleister Crowley in 1896 as the book he should read to understand the nature of the Interior Church.

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Eckartshausen's Cloud Over the Sanctuary is an announcement to "those capable of light" that there is still a "Community of Light: " or a wisdom school, where the sacred mysteries are kept. Rosicrucians, Martinists, Freemasons, and Theosophists - read this essential book!


"The crowning production of his intellectual life... The Cloud upon the Sanctuary has, I believe, always remained in the memory of a few, and is destined still to survive, for it carries with it a message of deep significance to all those who look beneath the body of religious doctrine for the one principle of life which energizes the whole organism."        ~A. E. Waite


Crowley must have glossed over this part:

"This necessity for the salvation of man was the cause of the determination of Wisdom, or the Son of God, to give Himself to be known by man, being the pure substance out of which all has been made. In this pure substance all power is reserved to vivify all dead substance, and to purify all that is impure.

But before that could be done, and the inmost part of man, the divine in him, be once more penetrated and re-opened again, and the whole world be regenerated, it was requisite that this divine substance should incarnate in humanity and become human, and therein transmit the divine and regenerative force to humanity; it was necessary also that this divine human form should be killed, in order that the divine and incorruptible substance contained in the blood should penetrate into the recesses of the earth, and thenceforth work a gradual dissolution of corruptible matter, so that in due time a pure and regenerated earth will be presented to man, with the Tree of Life growing once more, so that by partaking of its fruit, containing the true immortal essence, mortality in us will be once more annihilated, and man healed by the fruit of the Tree of Life, just as he was once poisoned by the partaking of the fruit of death.

This fact is the first and most important revelation and it embraces all, and it has been carefully preserved from mouth to mouth among the Chosen of God up to this time."       ~Letter 5

Karl Von Eckartshausen (1752 - 1803)

He was born on June 28, 1752, in Burg Haimhausen, High Bavaria. He was deeply influenced by Gnostic ideas of Jacob Boehme and Paracelsus, studied the oldest and most recent esoteric literature, from kabbalah to alchemy. He wrote many letters and books improving the hermetic ideas, which, already in his time and later on, inspired many artists, scholars and esoteric researchers, both in his country and abroad, such as Goethe, Schiller and mystical Russian.

Author Eckartshausen, Karl von
Translator de Steiger, Isabel
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 86 pp.
Publisher Sure Fire Press 1991
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