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Images of Enlightenment

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One of the most striking aspects of Tibetan Buddhism is its wealth of visual imagery.

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Ranging from the tranquility of a serenely poised meditator to the dynamic energy of apparently wrathful figures, this vivid and diverse imagery often leaves Western observers as puzzled as they are fascinated. Who are these figures and what do they mean?

Images of Enlightenment answers the need for a clear and straight-forward guide to the inner world of Tibetan Buddhist sacred art. Focusing on some of its most important and representative images, this richly illustrated book introduces the reader to the tradition of spiritual self-transformation embodied by these depictions of enlightened energy through clear iconographic representations and descriptions.

"...a consice introduction to the fundamental points of tantric Buddhism as practiced in the Tibetan traditions."       ~The Mirror

Author Landaw, Jonathan
Coauthor Weber, Andy
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 305 pp.
Publisher Snow Lion Publications 1993
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