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Biblia Cabalistica (O)

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A large portion of this book is in Latin. Extremely scarce, only fifty copies were purported to have been published.

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How the various numerical cabalas have been curiously applied to the Holy Scriptures, with numerous textual examples ranging from Genesis to the Apocalypse, and collected from books of the greatest rarity, for the most part not in the British Museum.

With introduction, appendix of curios, and bibliography. (1903)


Vetus Testamentum Anagrammaticum: Genesis to Book of Job, The Psalms: Separate Texts, Psalm LI, Psalm XCI, Psalm CXII, Appendix to Psalms, Proverbs to Malachi; Apocrypha Anagrammatica; Novum Testamentum Anagrammaticum: Gospels of Matthew and Mark, The Lord's Prayer in Seven Anagrams, Gospels of Luke and John, The Magnificat in Three Anagrams, The Angelical Salutation, Acts of the Apostles to Apocalypse.


“The Apostles caught 153 fish, a number Augustine and other Church Fathers found significant. 153 is cabalistically the number of the Sons of God. This expression, ‘Sons of God’ (Hebrew: Bene Elohim) occurs several times in scripture, and per gematrium it counts up 153. Hengstenberg found in this number the fullness of the Gentiles indicated according to 2 Chronicles 2.17, where Solomon reckons the strangers in Israel at 153,600. ‘They had toiled all night on unproductive soil in Israel, and now the Light of Day shall begin to rise and spread o’er all the earth, and the Gentiles shall walk in it.’

Petrus Bungus (16th century) wrote ‘It was shortly after our Lord’s Resurrection that the wonderful draught of fishes is related, and therein was a reference to a new and eternal life for all who were safely brought ‘out of the deep’ into the ship; therefore there were no reprobate sinners taken in the net, for all these were on the left side. The net was not broken; heresy and schism had not yet done damage.’”

Author Begley, Rev. Walter
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 212 pp.
Publisher Kessinger Publishing Company 1991
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