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Introduction to the Study of Astrology, An

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This Kessinger facsimile, containing rare examples and techniques dealing with a specialized field of astrology - horary - is a valuable companion piece to William Lilly's 17th century masterwork, Christian Astrology.

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Introduction to the Study of Astrology: With Numerous Emendations, Adapted to the Improved State of the Science. Also a Grammar of Astrology and Tables for Calculating Nativities by Zadkiel. Contents:

  • Life of William Lilly
  • Epistle to the Student in Astrology
  • Introduction to Astrology
  • Of the Planets
  • The Signs of the Zodiac
  • Diagram of the Sun's Motion in the Zodiac
  • Signs
  • Nature and Signification of the Twelve Houses
  • Colors of the Planets and Signs
  • Use to be made of the Twelve Signs
  • Essential Dignities of the Planets
  • Extensive list of Questions to be ascertained by Astrological Divination
  • Aphorisms by Zadkiel, plus much more!

This rare reprint is considered to be one of the few essential, foundational works on astrology. Essential reading!

Author Lilly, William
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 492 pp.
Publisher Kessinger Publishing Company
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