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Destiny of Souls

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Based on his groundbreaking research into the afterlife (Journey of Souls).

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Dr. Newton's sequel examines 67 subjects, regressed through hypnotherapy, who recall former lives and attest to the hierarchy that prevails in the "kingdom of heaven".


"Newton - counselor, hypnotist and author of Journey of Souls - draws on his regressions of some 70 clients to explore the existence of souls between incarnations. The most affecting section of the book is the second chapter, where Newton turns his attention to grief and argues that between death and reincarnation, discarnate souls are able to contact loved ones and comfort them.

Excerpts of his sessions with clients show people realizing that they have had one partner throughout many lives; that after previous deaths, the couple was reunited; and that after this incarnation, they will be together again."        ~Publishers Weekly

Author Newton Ph.D., Michael
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 409 pp.
Publisher Llewellyn Publications 2000
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