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Alive and Well with Pluto

Alive and Well with Pluto

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Now you can understand how Pluto in your astrological chart is not a curse, but a notification that the time is right for personal development.

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Pluto's path of deeper self-understanding is not an easy one, and its rewards do not come quickly. But when you learn to consciously confront this dynamic part of your psyche that otherwise remains dark and intimidating, you'll find a gold mine of psychological strengths that can help you face the world and maybe even transform it. Includes a complete interpretation of Pluto in each natal house.

Gives the meaning of the planets in your birth chart, from a Plutonian perspective. Reveals the meanings of Pluto transiting each of the natal houses and planets.

"Pluto, the mythically frightening monster in the closet, disappears in the light of Bil's profound understanding. A must for those who fear the stars and a joy for those who know them well."    ~Angel Thompson

Author Tierney, Bil
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 293 pp.
Publisher Llewellyn Publications 1999
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