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End of Patriarchy, The

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Pioneer transpersonal psychologist Claudio Naranjo challenges the basis of the patriarchal order and illuminates how it has affected our world and our lives.

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With unique insight, Dr. Naranjo moves the reader toward a fuller way of being that integrates the paternal, maternal, and child-like aspects of the person and of society. These essays emphasize innovative emotional rather than intellectual elements of human transformation.

"Brings a different, clear voice to us in the 1990s. Through Dr. Naranjo's interrelational viewpoint we are challenged to see life in the round rather than in fragments."       ~Lucia H. Bravo, President, U.S. Association for The Club of Rome

"Just as too much spirituality without psychotherapeutic awareness can lead to the false goodness of a 'deceptive spirituality' syndrome, too much grave-digging without a spiritual awareness may lead to a therapeutic impasse. Dwelling upon the pain of the past in the hope that more painful memories and more intense expressions of affect will bring about a liberation from the past may lead to disappointment, for such a liberation can only be brought about by the individual’s willingness to apply what he or she has understood, by taking a stand in the face of the pain of childhood, obsolete behavior patterns, and the demands of the present.

An orientation towards the cultivation of love and compassion, I think, is the specific factor that can end the situation in which the individual is a helpless consequence of the past."

Author Naranjo M.D., Claudio
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 156 pp.
Publisher Amber Lotus 1994
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