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Complete Dream Book, The

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Dr. Holloway has compiled a database of 18,000 dreams and uses the information about the dreamers to show how certain dreams are likely to recur during certain life phases.

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She catalogues the most common recurring dreams and explains many dream symbols and their meanings, such as cars, houses, sexual imagery and colors.

The Complete Dream Book is focused on the self-awareness that understanding your dreams can provide, and the interpretations are accessible, clear and pragmatic. The reader will also find out how to tell if a dream is worth interpreting, whether the interpretation is the right one and how to embrace the psychic elements in dreams.

This is the only dream interpretation book based on concrete data about real people's real dreams and how the real events in their lives relate to their nighttime visions.


"Seeing Christopher Nolan’s Inception and having it blow my mind proved to be the starting gun on my dream research. But I soon found that I would have to wade through volumes of repetitive dream interpretation dictionaries and cheezy dream journals; not what i was hoping for.

Unhappy with the market’s selection, I was pleased to meet Gillian Holloway’s The Complete Book of Dreams. Having sections specifically on dream symbols and interpretation, she also provides insights on other aspects of the dreaming process, including its evolutionary purpose and how we can use this subconscious state to connect with others’ dreaming patterns."         ~Peyton

Author Holloway, Gillian
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 248 pp.
Publisher Sourcebooks, Inc. 2001
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