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Division of Consciousness, The

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Drawing on mythology, psychology, religion and science, as well as past-life regression and near-death experiences, Peter Novak explores the nuances of what really happens to the soul after death.

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Eastern and Western philosophies have disagreed on this point for centuries. After ten years of intensive investigation, his conclusions are a ground-breaking blend of east and west, explaining how this division may have arisen and how it is likely to be resolved.


"After the tragic death of his wife, Peter Novak threw himself into the study of the evidence for the soul's survival after the death of the body. Drawing on mythology, psychology, religion and science, as well as past-life regression and near death experiences, Novak concludes that the human psyche not only survives, but also divides at death, with the conscious mind reincarnating and the subconscious mind judging itself.

This startling conclusion not only explains the differences between many of the world's great religions, but also shows that humanity's intuitions about the soul's survival has a reality separate and distinct from the mind's philosophical conflicts. The Division Of Consciousness is informative, challenging, engaging, controversial, and exceptionally well written."      ~Midwest Book Review


"My book, The Division of Consciousness, reintroduces the original death-theology of the earliest Christian religion, the single most important discovery in all of human history. Lost for 2,000 years, this theology, which I term 'Division Theory', is based on an obvious parallel between recent psychological discoveries and certain passages within the long-lost Christian Gospels unearthed in Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945 (the texts of which were only just publicly released in 1977)."  

Author Novak, Peter
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 258 pp.
Publisher Hampton Roads 1997
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