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Desolation Angels

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Desolation Angels is the story of Kerouac's life just before the publication of On the Road - as told through his fictional self - Jack Duluoz.

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Desolation Angels is the wild and soulful story of the legendary road trip that Jack Kerouac took before the publication of On the Road, told through the persona of Jack Duluoz and accompanied by his thinly-disguised Beat cohorts Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and William Burroughs.

As they hitch, hop freight trains, walk and talk their way across the world, from California to Mexico, London to Paris and on to opium-ridden Tangiers, Kerouac chronicles their poetry, partying, mountain vigils and spiritual contemplation with unsurpassable energy and humanity.

"Jack Duluoz, like Kerouac, comes down from the mountain into the excitement of San Francisco and the streets of Berkeley that will set the stage for his long-deferred fame (a year later when On the Road finally arrives)."      ~Joyce Johnson

"Kerouac ... defines the sensibilites of members of his own subgeneration: we knew them as wearing such guises as the Beat Generation, the Subterraneans, the Dharma Bums; now we see them as Desolation Angels, sadly pursuing their empty futilities..."      ~Nelson Algren

"When I get to the top of Desolation Peak and everybody leaves on mules and I'm alone I will come face to face with God or Tathagata and find out once and for all what is the meaning of all this existence and suffering and going to and fro in vain but instead I'd come face to face with myself, no liquor, no drugs, no chance of faking it but face to face with ole hateful Duluoz Me and many's the time I thought I die, suspire of boredom, or jump off the mountain, but the days, nay the hours dragged and I had no guts for such a leap, I had to wait and get to see the face of reality - and it finally comes that afternoon of August 8..."

Author Kerouac, Jack
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 409 pp.
Publisher Penguin Books 1995
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