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Buddhism Without Beliefs

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Those with an interest in Buddhism will welcome this new book by Stephen Batchelor, former monk and author of Alone With Others and The Awakening of the West.

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But those who are just discovering this increasingly popular practice will have much to gain as well - for Buddhism Without Beliefs serves as a solid, straightforward introduction that demystifies Buddhism and explains simply and plainly how its practice can enrich our lives.

Avoiding jargon and theory, Batchelor concentrates on the concrete, making Buddhism accessible and compelling and showing how anyone can embark on this path - regardless of their religious background.


"Batchelor's latest concise volume explores the practical fundamentals of Buddhism and how they can be relevant to both religious and secular-minded Westerners. Batchelor makes several controversial, but thoughtfully argued, points central to his 'existential, therapeutic' and agnostic interpretation of Buddhism: that Buddhism is not strictly a religion, since it does not adhere to a belief in God; that the Buddha did not consider himself a mystic or savior, but a healer; and that Buddhism is less a 'belief system' than a personal 'course of action' that naturally instills morality, compassion and inner peace in the practitioner."     ~Publishers Weekly

Author Batchelor, Stephen
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 127 pp.
Publisher Riverhead Books 1998
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