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Fairy Kingdom, The

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Are fairies real? What about gnomes, brownies, devas, angels, fauns, mannikins and nature spirits?

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"My studies have led me to regard the devas as potential co-workers with man in the fulfilment of the plan of God."    First published in 1927 by The Theosophical Publishing House (London).

"THIS valley, which is about two miles long and one mile across, is in the charge of a nature-deva, [The word 'deva' means 'shining one', and is the Indian name for angel; 'deva' and 'angel' are used throughout as referring to the same order of beings.] who seems to have come here in order to help forward the evolution of the life of the valley.

Though he himself is a nature-spirit and would, therefore, be primarily interested in the evolving elemental and vegetable kingdoms, he also takes a close interest in the human inhabitants of the valley, and works for them when he can..."

Author Hodson, Geoffrey
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 112 pp.
Publisher The Book Tree 2003
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