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Astrology of Midlife and Aging, The

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The first in-depth analysis of how an individual's natal horoscope reveals the unique challenges and opportunities of midlife.

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Between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-one, something mysterious takes place within the psyche. Jung called this phase our "unlived life," assuming rightly that midlife did not inaugurate a time of rapid decay, loss of libido, and inevitable death - but rather ushered in a period in which one might review one's life and build upon a strong foundation toward the next phase of adulthood.

Acclaimed astrologer Erin Sullivan takes us through the vast changes that astrology reveals as we reach middle age. It is a moment in life that is characterized by the planet Uranus, one filled with opportunities to both rethink the past and move forward toward the future, "witnessing" our lives in the way Uranus connotes. There exist no maps of the terrain - except the natal horoscope.


Erin Sullivan is an internationally renowned astrologer and author. She was the Series Editor for the Contemporary Astrology series, published by Arkana-Penguin. Erin Sullivan lives and practices in Tucson, Arizona. You can contact her directly at her website (www.Erin

Author Sullivan, Erin
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 232 pp.
Publisher Tarcher/Penguin 2005
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