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Intelligence in Nature

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Intelligence in Nature offers overwhelming illustrative evidence that independent intelligence is not unique to humanity.

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Indeed, bacteria, plants, animals, and other forms of nonhuman life display an uncanny proclivity for self-deterministic decisions, patterns, and actions.

The Japanese possess a word for this universal knowing: chi-sei.

For the first time, Narby presents an in-depth anthropological study of this concept in the West. He not only uncovers a mysterious thread of intelligent behavior within the natural world but also probes the question of what humanity can learn from nature's economy and knowingness in its own search for a saner and more sustainable way of life.


"Narby has done his homework - the endnotes themselves make excellent reading - and his well-researched and engagingly presented account of the 'braininess' of even literally brainless creatures raises fascinating questions about the boundaries between man and nature."       ~Publishers Weekly

Author Narby, Jeremy
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 267 pp.
Publisher Tarcher/Penguin 2006
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