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Dark Side of the Brain, The

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This pioneering work will revolutionize your ideas about nutrition, medicine, disease and the way your body nourishes, controls, protects and repairs itself.

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Coghill's discovery that the brain regulates cell growth by electric fields directly signalling to cell surface glycoproteins is covered with studies confirming this and peer reviewed literature.

Discussing the Kirlian effect in their book, The Dark Side of the Brain, Drs. Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill suggest that the Kirlian effect results from a high-voltage corona discharge caused by pulsed high-frequency waves. Through the action of high-frequency fields, electrons are emitted from the body of an organism, and this energy gets dissipated in a photographic emulsion in the same way as light. Depending on the strength of the emitted electrons, an image will be formed in the emulsion so that a picture appears.

Author Oldfield, Harry
Coauthor Coghill, Roger
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 240 pp.
Publisher Element Inc. 1991
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