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Great Pyramid Decoded, The

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The Great Pyramid Decoded has become a worldwide bestseller and an indispensable guide for all who seek to understand the mysteries of the past and the nature of the human quest.

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In this book, originally published in 1977, the author explains the meaning behind the siting and construction of this remarkable edifice, and uncovers along the way extraordinary links between its picture of our place in the universe and the religious traditions of Egypt, Palestine, India, and Central America.

Indeed, the Great Pyramid itself remains as unchanging as ever, its revelations supported by prophets extending back to the Old Testament (via Nostradamus) and forward to Edgar Cayce, Jeane Dixon, and Mario de Sabato. Its message for humankind remains the same: our relationship with the cosmos is fatally flawed but not impossible to mend. It seems that the answers to the big questions lie in our own hands.


"I find it a very, very remarkable book. At the end of reading it I felt that either I should throw it out of the window, or that I should throw every other book in my room out of the window and keep just it."      ~Anthony Smith, BBC Kaleidoscope

"It may come as a great surprise to many readers that a complete timeline for the evolution of humanity spanning the last 4000 years and extending 1000 more into the future, is written, in stone, directly into the internal passages of the Great Pyramid. This is not written in words, but rather through the use of a comprehensive numerological system...

Lemesurier‘s book essentially proves that somehow, the builders could see a crystal-clear picture of the future, and with even the most conservative dates for the Pyramid‘s age at 2,500 BC, this becomes an incredible proof that such future predictions can occur."     ~David Wilcock, The Shift of the Ages


"The Great Pyramid contains a detailed prophecy in mathematical code—a prophecy whose main purpose appears to be the validating of just such a redemptive or Messianic plan for mankind as appears to have been oulitned by Jesus of Nazareth." 

Author Lemesurier, Peter
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 255 pp.
Publisher Element Books 1993
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