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Circle of Stars, The

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As well as teaching the basic skills involved in drawing and interpreting an Indian horoscope, Valerie Roebuck also explores the myths and symbolism of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions at the heart of the system.

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The Lunar Mansions contain stars which are close to the ecliptic where the Moon moves.

Roebuck states that "other stars were important, some of them being thought of as forms of the Vedic Rsis (sages). The bright star Canopus (alpha Carina) was identified with the sage Agastya, who is believed to have taken Vedic teachings to South India. His star rises only in the more southerly parts of the subcontinent. The seven brightest stars of the Great Bear were called the Seven Rsis, after a prestigious group of Seers."

Author Roebuck, Valerie J.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 178 pp.
Publisher Element Books 1992
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