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Candle of Vision (1918), The

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This book by Irish author, poet, painter and mystic George William Russell, is a set of transcendent essays on Celtic mysticism.

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First published in 1918 this masterpiece by one of the major figures in the western occult tradition discusses concepts that anticipated the modern human potential movement by half a century. Russell taught what we would call creative visualization and believed that the creative powers of imagination could become a passport to other worlds. This study of the true nature of visionary exploration will appeal to the artist and the poet as well as the mystic.


"It is the Promethean fire, and only by mastery of this power will man be able to ascend to the ancestral Paradise. Again and again I would warn all who read of the danger of awakening it, and again and again I would say that without this power we are as nothing. We shall never scale the Heavens, and religions, be they ever so holy, will never open the gates to us, unless we are able mightily to open them for ourselves and enter as the strong spirit who cannot be denied."

“AE” is a pseudonym for George William Russell, who was born in Lurgan, County Armagh, Ulster, on April 10, 1867, and formally educated at the Rathmines School in Dublin. He died in London on July 17, 1935, three years after the original publication of Song and Its Fountains.

Author A. E. (George William Russell)
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 175 pp.
Publisher Prism Press 1990
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