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Cycles of Time, The

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Tatler brings astrology and numerology out of the mists of the past and into the harsh glare of present realities.

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He shows how these ancient arts are in reality symbolic representations of the trends and cycles in our statistics. Is there an association between Saturn and the cycle of economic depressions... a link between the orbit of Jupiter and stock market prices?   

It also shows that as well as economic cycles there are cycles of the emotions and cycles of personality. The planets are synchronised with events on Earth because the whole solar system is responding to unseen forces. We must develop our understanding of these forces - we must come to understand the Cycles of Time.


"In the final analysis, what can these cycles be but a visible expression of the God force in action, a visible sign of the divine presence? Are they not the sign that there is order, there is reason, there is purpose to this life?"

Author Tatler, John
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 312 pp.
Publisher Prism Press 1990
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